Supporting Mamma’s To Create THEIR Freedom Lifestyle.


Life is too dammned short to

Hey I’m Kat, I receive spiritual guidance and revelations to share with my clients, helping them to get ‘unstuck’ and confidently moving forward with their lives and business.

Step One, pick up your free “Activate Abundance” meditation below and prepare for major shifts to begin!

“My house had been on the market for ages and I knew I was blocking the sale but didn’t know why! I listened to Kat’s Meditation and an offer came through the very next day!” Marcus

As Seen In

Become The Conscious Creator of Your Reality! Jump In To The Drivers Seat Of Your Life and Finally Create The Life and Business You Want!

What if entrepreneurship was less about push, fight and struggle and more about leverage, collaboration, vibration and flow… teamed with systems that work for you and allow you to be in a peak state of attraction?

As a solo Mum and the sole financial supporter for my daughter I took myself to complete burn out several times over, before I learnt a BETTER way.

Once I learnt to surrender and how to manifest I attracted International Speaking Invitations, Publishing Opportunities and Clients…. without even having a website!

This really doesn’t have to be hard.

The Activate Abundance Meditation will walk you through a visualisation process where you can release low vibration feelings that are buried deep wihin your sub-conscious, clear your energy field, return your life force particles and help you lift your vibration and consciousness so that you attract the people, opportunities, resources and clients TO YOU without all the headaches, struggle, fear and drama!


1:1 Intensive Coaching

How A Solo Mum Went From Struggle Street To Her First $10k+ Month…

Hi I’m Kat, “Business Prophet” and On-line Marketing Mentor to Mamas  who are striving to create freedom based business’s from home. I combine my highly tuned intuition with 12+ years business building experience to help Entrepreneurs create aligned, soulful, freedom business’s. I get ‘messages’ and visions and can tap in to ‘source’. So that when I work with you I can see deeper layers of what’s holding you back so that we clear those whilst also building your online marketing!

Once upon a time I was an absolute miserable cow. I pursued money relentlessly and had no gratitude or appreciation for the thing’s that really mattered. By my mid 20’s I had a partnership in a multi-million dollar company, a reasonable property investing portfolio, $100k cash in bank and was about to birth my first child. I should have been happy right?! I wasn’t! Shortly after my daughter arrived my world as I knew it fell apart. I lost my home, my partner and everything I owned.

I had to rebuild my life from the ashes as a solo Mama with barely a cent left to my name. It was liberating. I have since built several on-line business’s from scratch that enabled me to be a stay at home mum… and be there for my daughter Jess.

I’ve now reunited with my partner (after several years apart) and we are expecting our second child. It’s been nothing short of the most phenomenal journey! I harnessed the same principles that I teach to transform my own life and am now on a mission to help you RISE and TRANSFORM yours too!

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