“You Are The Author Of Your Life… Write The Story You’d Be Excited To Read”

Are You Ready to Play A Bigger Game?

That Life That You Want For Yourself… Are You Ready to Create It?

Are You Ready To Make Your Dreams Reality?!

Welcome to Manifesting with Kat! I’m Kat Hudson (Heart) your resident Intuitive Business Coach and Advisor. You may know me from my work with Women’s Web Marketing, or you may be meeting me for the first time, either which way, it’s an honor and pleasure to connect with you!

I am passionate about on-line marketing and business building but had to pull myself out of the industry for a while as I became disillusioned with the BS right throughout the industry. People making money selling how to make money who’d never really made money with their 6 Figure Promises, quite frankly it made my stomach turn and I didn’t want to be a part of the problem – I needed to tap in to the solution. Which I now have. A better way of doing business without the over the top hype and BS that’s aligned with the true heart lead creator.

I’ve had some of Australia’s leading Internet Marketers praise my work and have worked along side some of the BEST of them! #gratitude

I have this uncanny knack šŸ˜‰ for knowing how to hit sweet spots… later I would learn, this wasn’t actually so uncanny, I’d been channeling my on-line marketing work FOR YEARS and having fully fledge business plans laid before me in my sleep…. it just took me a while to understand, those visions were not delivered for me…. one day the penny dropped and I realised the visions were for my clients! It was actually a huge relief!

Once I realised I was a channel for othersĀ I had people turning up out of nowhere, without any marketing or a website.

I ran my business without even having my own website up for almost 2 years – because I didn’t need to have one. So when I tell you this is about learning to be in alignment… I’m not kidding you!

In this time of not even having a website live I’d:

– Been asked to speak internationally with all travel expenses and my time paid

– Had consistent clients appear

– Been published in 4 International Best Selling Books

– Pulled together projects bringing me over $7k in one week

– Have had 2 individual business’s GIVEN to me!

– Have never launched a product or offering and not sold the same day (just using Facebook) – the people come!

– Had 5 Figure months….

– Had money appear in the darndest ways! From selling random domain names for $2k+ to manifesting the things that I wanted the money to buy… without the money… truly AWESOME!! This is how I developed the reputation for being a manifesting machine… I’d ask and it would come… that simple! But I did the work required of meĀ first!

My Mission