Have you ever been to one of those full day speaking gigs / workshops where at about the 3/4 mark throughout the training an offer is made and a rush of bodies go running to the back of the room like crazy people credit card in hand at the ready?

To a new comer this is a trap that they are completely unaware of. I have been in this game now for around ten years and I remember when I first learned about some of the sneaky tactics that are used – quite frankly it made me sick to my stomach – because that had been me – crazy person – brainwashed – running like a mad woman to buy some ‘special offer’ that would only be made ‘today’ ‘right now’ at ‘special said price’. I remember one of my mentors saying to me “Kat – do you really think that if you decide to do it at a later date that they won’t take your money?”

She had a point.

So how do they do it?

Qualified professional speakers (not all I might add – but many) have their entire day and sales process so finely tuned – it’s really like watching a puppet show – EVERYTHING is scripted and timed which in itself is not a bad thing, but many of them have learned to incorporate NLP techniques to brainwash you throughout the course of the day.

They knowingly use their presentations and persuasion techniques to take you to the most bottom depths of your pain, they make you hurt, they make you want to cry, they use their power and their voice to manipulate you in to a space of helplessness so that THEY can ride in like a knight in shining armor able to save you from yourself. Then they make the offer and that is why people run to the back of the room like crazy people.

The very core of the ‘selling from stage’ process very cleverly disguised as a one day workshop has been built on the backs of these underhanded techniques.

I think people are waking up and have had enough. This is a hard topic to write on because just as there are many people doing it in this way there are also a bunch of others speaking to truly add value, educate and inspire you. You will know which they are by how you FEEL when they talk. Try and tap in to your intuition throughout the day. I have many gorgeous friends who speak and sell from stage who do it straight from the heart, their intention is to help you and not manipulate you.

Personally, yes I do offer one day workshops and I always make an offer from them – BUT the reason I make an offer is because I add so much value in the course of the day that it would be wrong of me not to offer a way people can keep working with me if they want to.

The issue is not the fact that people sell – I am all for that – the issue is that so many will knowingly use brainwashing techniques as a part of the process. From the perspective of a conscious entrepreneur and coach – if someone wants to work with me they will, if the timing is right they will come forward – the last thing I want to do is push people who aren’t ready in to my programs. It never turns out for the better anyway and every single time they see your name come up on their credit card statement they HATE you.


I don’t want this post to stop you from going to workshops. I want this post to awaken you to the fact this goes on so that the next time you’re at a workshop you can really come back to you and check in with yourself. There are so many bright, shiny objects floating around that will only distract you. Ask yourself:

  • How will buying this right now add value to my business?
  • How long will it take me to see a return on investment for my purchase?
  • What is the support – if I get stuck is their assistance?
  • What is the guarantee – take a picture of the guarantee screen up on the wall (normally they put the guarantee up as a part of the presentation on the projector)
  • Make sure all the bonus promises and guarantees are in writing. Ask them to confirm in writing (via e-mail) following the purchase that that is exactly what you will be getting.

In short – take the measures to protect yourself. Before you buy – walk away and take a few minutes to think about it. If they have been using NLP you will be fighting yourself on the questions, you may even feel like you really want it – but you don’t know why!

If all else fails and you walk away with regrets, their is normally a 3 day cooling off period where you can request to cancel the purchase. If you’re unsure contact your local Department of Fair Trading and Consumer Protection.

Also if a transaction goes bad and they do not deliver you can go to your bank and dispute the credit card transaction. If you can prove they haven’t delivered what they promised and have PROOF of it – the bank will sometimes return the money to your card. Always try and work it out with the company in question first and KEEP and print all correspondence!

God speed to you entrepreneur!