When I write about anything “manifesting” or “law of attraction” it’s because I’ve been living it for the longest time. I wasn’t always aware of it or how it was working in my life, until I could look back and piece it all together.

What I want you to know is that when I went and had myself an earlier than usual mid-life crisis I pulled myself offline, I barely ever had a website live and I didn’t drive traffic to it if I did. Yet I consistently had people approaching me for training and to build them websites- honestly it was like magic. I’d have a dummy spit declaring “nope I’m not doing this anymore” (building up other people’s on-line profiles) and there’d be a lull and I’m not even kidding you for a second EVERY TIME and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME I decided to open myself up to do work for others the people just magically appeared – remembering – I had no site – no way really for people to know to come to work with me. All I had was a Facebook profile which I’d still use to post random snippets of learnings or wisdom.

Yet when I said “ok universe I’ll do it” – they arrived. Every time!

So what this showed me is that the Attraction Marketing that I’d first learnt and blindly implemented almost ten years prior had consistently worked for me over the years – that teamed obviously with the understanding of how to manifest what I wanted. In actual truth, there were times I had no idea what I was doing but it was through the doing the I learnt how to do more of what worked!

When I first decided I wanted to work from home and create a business that I could run from wherever I wanted in the world, I had absolutely no freakin’ idea what I was doing or what it was going to look like. This was way back in 2005, on-line marketing was HOT and there were no shortage of courses or gurus who were telling you how to make it big on-line.

I was about 23 at the time and under some grand illusion that I like them would be able to put together some awesome launch and make $1 million dollars in just a few weeks, they were saying how easy it was to do it. Eventually I learnt that the people who made the most money on-line were the people who taught “how to make money on-line” – ironic right.

I knew what I wanted to create – me – rich – big house – awesome car – flexibility – freedom; that was it – it shouldn’t be that hard is what I kept telling myself, I discovered, well actually, it really was. Through my years of learning on-line marketing I became really good at it and eventually when Jess was born and shit hit the fan the universe gave me one of the greatest gifts ever – the chance to tie it all in together and actually start using and profiting from it. At 23 those material things had seemed important to me, fast forward to life as a single mum with a newborn – honestly – it became about survival and not only surviving but thriving and suddenly, my drive was about so much more than just me.

Shortly after Jess was born I was forced to relocate from our little sea side villa in paradise – back to civilisation – more people – more stress – more problems…. and what I didn’t know sitting up in my little villa was that “working from home” had become a BIG DEAL and Australia actually had the fastest growth of Women starting work from home business’s of anywhere in the World. When I first started out it was almost unheard of and still in the big scheme of things so new – I most often felt alone in it all – but upon my returning discovered there was a new wave and it was going nuts!

Honestly, by absolute accident I set up my first on-line business that had any sticking power – Women’s Web Marketing. I really only wanted to start a blog and share my journey as I saw chicks hitting walls flat out not knowing what to do on-line but like me all those years ago having a dream. I was so pissed off with the bullshit on-line I just wanted to share a space that provided real solutions. One thing lead to another and suddenly I found myself building websites and providing on-line marketing training and Facebook workshops. I’d never meant for any of it and suddenly there I was with my first service based business – by accident – and first clue – this is what happens when you’re not clear on what you’re wanting and although it wasn’t the plan – it was the best thing that could have happened.

Here I sit almost some 12 years later from when all this started with what feels like half a dozen university degrees under my belt and what I’m going to be sharing with you today was actually one of the very first things I ever learnt. At the time it made absolutely no sense to me, I felt like the universe was feeding me crumbs, snippets of information here and there and I scrambled madly to piece it all together. However it is still the most effective piece of advise that I could share with you – even now – all these years later.

I have no tally for how much money it’s made me, however it is THE ONE THING that’s responsible for me having consistently attracted people who wanted to pay me over all of these years.

Paid Webinars

Everyone knows about using free webinars to build an audience, I was selling webinars way back before I’d really seen anyone do it – my first generated me almost 3 weeks income in my job in just one day – I was high fivin’ myself. This I did using Attraction Marketing.

Selling Book Chapters

Again using Attraction Marketing, I had an idea and put it out there and sold over $7,000 in book chapters in a week – again, barely a website on-line or having done any active promotion in the longest time.

My First 5 Figure Month

After being thrown on the street in the middle of the night and having to relocate I had absolutely no idea how I would be able to afford to set myself up again from scratch, Jess was about 2 – I came in out of the blue and made over $10,000 in about 2 weeks – from not working to ‘switching it on’ and attracted my perfect house at around $70 less per week than they were asking for it.

Not even kidding you.

This shit works 🙂

So they are just a few examples from an exhaustive list of me apparently “getting lucky” – luck is when something happens once or maybe even twice – this was far more than luck – perhaps a little divine intervention mixed with knowing how to use Attraction Marketing and the Laws of Attraction to get what I wanted and what I needed.