This is for my network marketing and direct sales friends. (If you know people who will benefit from this feel free to share)
Tonight I shared some helpful advice with a client and thought I’d pass it on to you whilst it was still fresh in my mind.

Let’s start with private messaging people on Facebook – not only is it tacky – it pisses people off! If you’re going to do it …. here’s what you have to do!:

– a) go to their page and look at their previous posts! Look specifically for problems or complaints they may be having or something that may show some alignment with what you’re doing, look for a way to HELP THEM or ADD VALUE to their world. Ask them open ended questions.

Then when they ask how you’re going DO NOT PITCH THEM, just plant enough seeds to stir interest…. no one wants to read your 1000 word essay on how awesome the company is, how great the money is (unless you’re genuinely already killing it) – etc etc – you’re better off sharing a genuine experience you’ve had (if it’s relative)

but honestly – this is a hard shitty way to do things…. but if you must – at least be smart and tactful about it.

…. next

People always tell me “Kat you could sell ice to an eskimo you’re amazing at sales”…. thank you kind friends, however it’s not that I’m amazing at sales – I genuinely care about people, ok team that with 20+ years in sales and marketing and yeah I’m good at sales – but I won’t sell something I don’t believe in and I also won’t sell someone something if I don’t feel it’s right for them THOSE ARE MY OWN PERSONAL RULES.

When you care about making a difference and helping people things naturally take a beautiful course of their own.

Most people I work with say that they don’t like yukky sales pitches and that it’s not aligned with them…. which is why…

to make heart felt sales you need to learn to listen to people. Ask better questions and genuinely present a solution that can solve a problem they’re having.

If you learn how to ask the right kinds of questions and how to have great conversations you’ll never have to ‘sell’ again.


Instead of pitching try placing and sharing. Wear your companies gear, use it wherever you go ie for client tonight who works with babies and mums I suggested she take some baby wipes and oils with her from her company and just use the products and share the benefits with the mums …. because there’s a better than average chance they will buy them and we all know the best business builders are the people who most love or have had excellent experiences with the products…. so lead with the product.



For example, when I was selling an Organic Skincare product I was recruiting and selling online. I would run a specific ad for ageing or dry skin or acne or rosacea to the appropriate demographic and lead them to a page which spoke about the issues people have and offer a free consult or test product.

Again, I used the same process to promote the business to recruit other consultants and had 10 people request meetings with me from my first ad that cost me $20.

The old school way of network marketing is just hard and frustrating…. there are BETTER more leveraged ways!

I have stacks more ideas that I’ll share over time…. but that should do it for tonight! 😘

That is all xx hope that’s helped some of you gain clarity and ideas to try some new things.

xx Mwa