I started to learn about the “Laws of Attraction” many years ago, yet sat perplexed as to why the “Laws of Attraction” would not work for me!Β  I declare, that I used to be a bonified shit magnet! Unlucky in love, life and money…. or so I thought! This post comes following my biggest pay week ever. I in the last 10 days have earned the equivalent of what it took 3 months to earn as an employee in my last paid job! In the last 12 months my life has transformed, now not only do I get EVERYTHING I want and ask for, it is flowing to me in abundance!


Have you watched “The Secret“? The movie “The Secret“, did you go out and create your vision board of all the thing’s you want to show up in your life YET you are left feeling more perplexed than ever NOTHING is showing up and you certainly are not magically attracting the best car parking space let alone a new car, house or holiday. In fact, you’re starting to think the whole idea may very well be a load of woo woo shit?! I will admit, I got to that point too. Yet you are here reading this, because well, you think there may be something that you might be missing! YOU ARE! I am about to explain it to you in laymans terms!

I wish I could be happier...

I wish I could be happier…

About The Secret

The Secret” was based 100% on “the laws of attraction“. YET you were only told half a story. You were told that all you had to do was think about what vision-boardyou want and focus on that and it would come true, they mentioned that you need to ‘believe’ but there wasn’t really any emphasis on that, yet that is the key to unlocking it! If you are attracting an endless stream of crap in to your world, it’s for 2 reasons: 1) although you may have these BIG AWESOME wants and you have written your affirmations and placed pictures of these thing’s all over your house, at your core you don’t truly believe you deserve it or are even capable of having it. This is more than likely due to ‘mind conditioning’ that has happened throughout your life. It could come from childhood, past relationships or even current relationships. 2) You are still thinking negative thoughts and putting your energy and focus in to what YOU DON’T want in to your life! SO although you want a new car, your mind’s programming on a sub-conscious level is saying “how am I ever going to get a new car”

Β The second equation in the Laws of Attraction is: BELIEVE

This is the part that most people struggle with. How do you truly believe that all that you want is coming to you if you’re current reality is not so hot? This is the EXACT challenge I had.

How to Start Attracting Everything You Want Right Now!

We have to roll this back a couple of notches so that you can understand how this works and take steps to move forward. Firstly, we all emit energy, a frequency. It’s like this field around us. You can only ever attract in to the moment those things that are in direct alignment with the frequency you are at right now. Therefor, if you are ‘feeling’ useless, sad, frustrated, angry you emit a low energy and can only attract the equivalent of that vibration, which means you will not be attracting the high energy thing’s that you want in to your life.

So the equation is simple, to attract high energy ‘things’ you have to have a high energy vibration!


created by Coralie Plozza - Rainbow Farm Photography

created by Coralie Plozza – Rainbow Farm Photography

This means:

  • Being 100% in control of your mind, catching the negative thoughts and replacing them with positive and
  • Reprogramming your mind and replacing negative beliefs that no longer serve you.

How do you do it?

  • Start doing thing’s that make you feel good
  • Stop hanging out with people who make you feel bad
  • Practice daily gratitude for all that you already have
  • Reprogram your mind… techniques such NLP, EFP (emotional freedom tapping)Β 

or just book an “Activate Abundance” session with me and I’ll help you clear your money blocks, realise and replace the stories that are keeping you stuck and finally start moving forward TODAY! You can book a free session with me here.

However you do it, stepping up and making an effort to increase your happiness and decrease your stress and anxiety will not only change your life, but turn you in to a Law of Attraction magnet!

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